Our vision is to become the most well-known and sought after provider of Aircraft Management Services. We are planning to achieve this by growing our company through quality and not through quantity. We believe that by far the best advertising is to build a strong customer-centered reputation based on trust, transparency and honesty. Experience has shown that a satisfied customer will generate a perpetual momentum where, through word of mouth, more customers will be attracted, who in turn will do the same. Since our inception in 2015, our dedicated team of Aviation Professionals is working very hard to define our values and create a tailor-made service concept that will not only-

surpass that of our competitors, but also ensure that customers come to us to stay and enjoy a long-lasting, benefitial partnership.

We can only ever be satisfied with our performance if we feel and see that our customers are satisfied too. Therefore, at Gryphon Aviation Asset Management, only the best is good enough.

We suggest that you closely examine our core values, because it is those values that have made us known and achieve our reputation in the aviation industry.

Our Partners

Our Valued Business Partners

Gryphon Airlines is a US based airline with Air Operator Certificate. It was founded in 2006 and is managed by Captain Earl Gibbs. Gryphon Airlines specializes in ad-hoc aircraft charter operations and currently operates several government contracts serving the US military airfields in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Managed by its founder and CEO Rob Lamb, RMSI is an international rapid deployment medical and rescue service, specialising in complex and high-risk missions. With their highly qualified, experienced team and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, RMSI Rapid Deployment Medical & Rescue can be dispatched within minutes and safely transport patients to the nearest appropriate medical facility.

UniJet is an Aircraft Management company with operational base in Moscow, Russia. It was established in 2006 by two entrepreneurs, with the objective of providing a re-defined, exclusive level of aircraft management services to the Russian aviation market. Recently, UniJet celebrated 10 years of operation, having successfully navigated through challenging times and managed to consistently grow their fleet of managed aircraft.

From its beginnings as a brand identity and design company, Excellence Code has combined the skills and communication expertise of their unique design language with the clear understanding of the opportunities presented by today’s technology to produce new levels of brand growth and increased awareness, adding measurable value and visibility to the corporate identity of its clients.