In order to constantly improve our service portfolio, we are actively engaged in partnering with local and international companies that specialize in providing high quality ancillary services that you will be able to benefit from. In regular intervals, we will be communicating new business partnerships with selected-

-companies that will complement our product offerings and thereby further enhance our customer service. Please subscribe to our social media platforms and also follow this page closely to obtain regular updates.

Our Partners

Our Valued Business Partners

Our mother company, FK Logistics, is based in Kuwait and is managed by Abdullah Al Tammar. This large consortium was founded in 1997 and has diverse business interests including Aviation, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Hospitals & Clinics, Logistics, Real Estate, Construction and Catering Services.

Gryphon Airlines is a US based airline with Air Operator Certificate. It was founded in 2006 and is managed by Captain Earl Gibbs. Gryphon Airlines specializes in ad-hoc aircraft charter operations and currently operates several government contracts serving the US military airfields in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Managed by its founder and CEO Rob Lamb, RMSI is an international rapid deployment medical and rescue service, specialising in complex and high-risk missions. With their highly qualified, experienced team and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, RMSI Rapid Deployment Medical & Rescue can be dispatched within minutes and safely transport patients to the nearest appropriate medical facility.

From its beginnings as a brand identity and design company, Excellence Code has combined the skills and communication expertise of their unique design language with the clear understanding of the opportunities presented by today’s technology to produce new levels of brand growth and increased awareness, adding measurable value and visibility to the corporate identity of its clients.